Upon arrival of the cows at our slaughterhouse, every cow has its own identity card. Its identity card allows us to register important information such as sanitel number, date of birth, cattle breed, place of birth, place of breeding and the farmer.

Before slaughtering, every identity card is checked and approved by the Belgian food safety agency FASFC (Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain). The FASFC in Belgium has developed a hugue database that identifies, registers and supervises the livestock.

When deboning the carcass, all parts are provided with an I.V.B. label. The I.V.B. is the Belgian interprofessional association for Belgian meat that develops labels complying with all the legal obligations.


To produce quality, we select our cattle with great care. Our livestock purchasers go daily to the livestock markets to select our cattle. They also load and transport the cattle to our slaughterhouse. Next to the daily livestock markets, we have strong relationships with the local farmers and livestock traders.